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Waterline Tile Options

6” x 6” Pool Waterline Tile


GMS Emerald


GMS Blue


GMS Silver


12” x 12” Travertine Square Edge coping around edge of pool



English Walnut


  • Colored grout
  • Aluminum skimmer plate

Details / Specs

  • Perimeter per plan #
  • Surface area per Plan #
  • Interior Per plan #
  • 3’-6” x 5’ depths-
  • Gallons + or – Per plan#
  • Drawings
  • Engineering
  • Plot Plan
  • City permit application packet for owner to submit

Pool Layout

  • Trackhoe dig only, need 11 foot access
  • Dump fees excluded—Dump Fee charges may apply depending on resident location. Owner has the right to provide dump site location within 3 miles of property to eliminate dump fees
  • Standard soil excavation (no hard or abnormally rocky soil. Additional charges may apply)
  • Remove wall access included 1- 10 ft section and 1 Pilaster- Rebuilding is excluded in the base pool price.
  • Your Simply Fun Pool price package includes normal excavation based on open access and clean slate of dirt. Pre-grading yard of vegetation, concrete, boulders, or having to use smaller excavation equipment, will add to the cost.

Plumbing will be kept under pressure (35psi) during build

  • Up to 20 ft of equipment plumbing to pool
  • 1- Skimmer
  • 1- ¾” Valve for aerator
  • Deep end sump with cover—No Suction. Drain suction is only with the purchase of In-Floor cleaning system
    • Up to 3 sidewall returns to pool
      • 3 returns
      • Thread-Care flush mount return fittings
      • Giant spray aerator
  • Steel per custom engineering, most likely to be:
    • Benches per plan
    • #4 bar in bond beam “nose”
    • Surcharging steel on all walls (8” OC horizontals with 8”OC Verticals
  • 70’ -3/4” run to J-box at equipment
    • #12 copper THHN wire
    • 1- Motor Hook up
    • Underwater Pool lights are optional at additional cost
  • All necessary bonding and hookup of equipment
      • 3,000PSI shotcrete up to 20 Yards
      • Entry steps per plan
  • Install 3 CM travertine square edge coping around perimeter of pool.
  • 12″ wide x 12″ wide of 24″
  • Install 6″ x 6″ pool waterline tile (1 row)

White Marble pool finish— Included

  • Upgrade Options
    • Ultra Poz ( White )
    • Pebble sheen
      • Aqua Blue
      • Blue Surf
      • French Grey
    • Drain covers
  • Adjustable flush wall fittings
  • Filter Pump-
    • Pentair VS Variable Speed 3.0 H.P
  • (1)Filter- Cartridge For pool
    • 420 Clean and Clear +
  • (1) 2 x 3 equipment pad
  • Complete chemical start up
  • Pole hanger, pole, net, brush, and chemical test kit
  • Client orientation
  • Project Binder
    • Includes all warranty information, warranty certificates, instruction manual, product brochures and manuals specific to your new pool.
  • Upgrades and options available
  • Tree, Grass, Vegetation, Concrete removal
  • Decking
  • Dump Fees
  • Painting
  • Pool barriers (Door closers/ window locks, pool fencing, etc)
  • LED Lights
  • Ultra POZ Plaster
  • Pebble Sheen
  • Deck Jets
  • In-floor cleaning system
  • Travertine Decking
  • Add LED Pool light with transformer
  • Additional LED lights over 1
  • Ultra Poz instead of standard plaster
  • Pebble Sheen instead of standard plaster
  • Brass Aqua Arch deck Jet total of 3 with 60 linear ft of pipe
  • A n A In Floor cleaning system
  • 3 Piece travertine decking
  • Tight Access into the yard
  • Hard or Rocky soil
  • Pre Grading the yard
  • Masonry
  • Electrical run from Main panel to Pool equipment

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